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Wide Open Space

Have you ever dreamed of wide open spaces; an expanse where your soul is allowed to live a little? I've never been one to put a lot of thought into my zodiac sign, but this Cancer crab needed water and a vast sky to open up a bit. While the comforts of the mountains and coziness of the forest provided me what I needed for so long, a chance opportunity led me to a new part of the country and year round coastal living for the first time in my life.

Maybe you can relate?

A North Carolina native, Tar Heel born and bred, I'd never lived anywhere longer than four years before settling into an almost 20 year run in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. During this time, I received a Master of Arts degree and then a NC real estate broker license. Choosing to change from a career in college athletics and advising, I dove head first in the real estate business. I worked with residential clients navigating the ups and downs of the market and the vast options of housing in Asheville, NC. It aligned well with my desire to help others and the opportunity to learn on the job. Each transaction offered new personalities, new challenges and a chance to step up and help my clients achieve their goals. A task I was always up for. But, while doing this, I let something I had under control go a little - my work and life balance. My desire to do right by my clients often caused me to lose priority over what it is I wanted and the relationships outside of work that brought me the most joy.

Becoming a mom is one of those great joys. Along with that role though, I felt pulled in additional directions. Add in a myriad range of unexplained health challenges, a traumatic car wreck and the challenges of Covid and I finally felt ready to make some changes in my life, but did not know how. I also was working hard to help my clients win homes or maximize profits in a market where everyone seemed desperate for change in the Covid era.

This travel lover was missing those experiences. While Covid prompted a used pop up camper purchase got us out on mountain rivers and in the landscape we love, change was coming, I just didn't know how bad I needed it. "Ever heard of the Eastern Shore," my husband asked? I have an opportunity there." A weekend visit and time at the National Seashore with wild ponies and we decided this was a chance to try something new in an area we previously knew nothing about. It pulled me away and opened some space for me to explore the coaching certification I had considered for years. A colleague would take care of my clients (thanks Abigail) while we took some time to explore a different area of the country temporarily. 

I took and cherished this time for a deep dive inward. I focused on my health - mental, physical and emotional. I healed those relationships that were important to me, and I added in the additional professional skillsets to expand my businesses with a more balanced approach. This time of reflection allowed me to look back at my resilience; to see all life's obstacles that I had overcome. The control freak in me took a chill pill as I realized that even with the best laid plans, we are not always in control. I've learned to pivot (a term I once cringed at) and be prepared, but learn to roll with the punches. Sometimes things turned out better than you can imagine.

So hear I am now, ready to share with you the knowledge, relationships and wins that I have had professionally and personally, but in my favorite role - a supportive one. Please continue to browse my site to see how I may help you achieve your goals through coaching,

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